St Giles Hospice Compassus Centre


LOCATION: Whittington, near Lichfield

COMPLETION: Spring 2011

CLIENT: St Giles Hospice

Southern Staffordshire Awards 2011

Civic Trust Awards 2011

The new In-Patient unit, called the Compasses Centre, at St Giles Hospice was handed over for commissioning by the clinical team in 2010. The building has been designed as a major annexe to the existing hospice, creating a 27-bed unit and using the released space to integrate a new day therapy and training facility. The starting point for the design was the new bedroom layout, concentrating on space for nursing staff and giving patients their own private bathrooms.

The concept for the scheme is a standalone building facing the existing hospice on one side, creating an enclosed garden giving privacy and shelter, whilst the other side faces open countryside, giving patients views from, and light into the bedrooms.

Five separate gardens, linked by larger landscaped area, unifying the surroundings of the hospice to the new building.
Each garden space has been designed for a specific use and includes a Nurses’ Garden, where those helping the patients and their families can have some private time, a Contemplation Garden for relatives to visit for special anniversaries or just to sit and remember. Behind the glazed reception and outside the kitchens there is a labyrinth-type garden, planted with yew hedging and culinary herbs for the cooks to pick.

‘I had never met them before and when they came in their first slide was an empty rectangle and they said – ‘This is the patient in bed. What should it be like?’ Frankly, they got the job then and there.’

Peter Holliday

Former Chief Executive, St Giles Hospice

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