Overgate Hospice



Planning consent was granted in April 2019 for extension and refurbishment works at Overgate Hospice. A new 16-bed IPU is planned, allowing for refurbishment of the existing building to provide improved day hospice and outpatient spaces. A central reception will welcome visitors, with separate discreet patient access to the IPU. Catering and laundry facilities are improved, with fundraising and administration accommodation re-planned. The new IPU reaches into the garden so that patients can benefit from that space and the fantastic views. Working with the SMT to understand their specific needs lead us to develop a new model for a nurse-base centred layout to the IPU.

Natural daylight is maximised throughout, and accessibility is essential so patients can move around the building and garden whatever their ability. The materials have been chosen to respect the local vernacular, with a contemporary interpretation. Levels across the site are utilised so that the new IPU is subservient to the existing building. A client objective was that the new building be as sustainable as possible. It is designed following a fabric first approach and will be timber frame construction with an energy efficient service strategy. Photovoltaic panels are incorporated on the roof.

Overgate Hospice is located in Calderdale, West Yorkshire. Hospice care has changed over the last 25 years since the current In Patient Unit was built, seeing a shift in patient needs as people are living longer and with more complex needs and conditions. We have worked with the CEO and Senior Management Team to  review accommodation across the site to plan a development project that will meet their needs for the foreseeable future. Early feasibility studies reviewing layout options and cost plans supported the hospice in making the decision to buy the adjacent property to give them space to undertake this project.

The hospice will launch a capital appeal in summer 2021 to fundraise for this project, which has an estimated construction cost of £7.25M. In the meantime we continue to work with them on a phasing strategy to weigh up the pros and cons of decanting patients versus staying on site during construction.